Blog On: How can bloggers use PR and media relations?

BlogOn: How bloggers can use PR tactics to get featured in the media

On 4 May 2019, PR Unlocked founder Claire Gamble attended BlogOn at Hotel Football in Greater Manchester to deliver PR training to the attendees. The hour-long PR workshop - Be More Visible, Create More Opportunities - went into detail about how bloggers can use PR tactics to grow their online profile and business.

How can PR help bloggers?

If you're wondering what is PR, it's all about reputation management and brand perception. It’s how you communicate with your target audience to make them think or act in a certain way.  And it's not just big businesses that can benefit from a PR strategy. Bloggers and content creators should consider PR too.

PR can help bloggers to:

  • Position themselves as an expert in a particular industry or niche topic
  • Boost SEO and drive traffic to their website and social media channels
  • Grow and engage with their audience
  • Build trust and credibility with readers, fans and brands
  • Establish new relationships with other bloggers, brands or potential partners
  • Sell their products or services, or help find new revenue streams
  • And more!

Ultimately, PR is all about making yourself more visible. And the more visible you are, the more opportunities you'll create.

Ultimately, PR is all about making yourself more visible. And the more visible you are, the more opportunities you'll create.

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What different PR tactics can bloggers try?

As mentioned in the full PR course there are lots of different tactics you can try when you're doing your own PR. If you're a blogger, you might specifically want to consider press releases and news stories, by-lined features, reactive comments, interviews, Q&As, awards and events.

A good place to start is looking on Twitter for PR and media opportunities, but you can also proactively pitch to relevant journalists and editors.

One point I advise everyone thinking about doing their own PR is to focus on one or two key topics. Not everyone has a niche, but it can really help to focus your PR and media relations activity (as mentioned in this Productive Blogging article - thanks for the shout out!).

There are lots of PR and media opportunities for bloggers - you just need to look!

It was great speaking to some of the bloggers after my PR for bloggers presentation. 

One husband and wife duo who run a parenting blog had started to be invited for regular interviews at their local BBC radio station. It's a great opportunity to raise their profile and reach more people. To maximise the impact of such a great gig, they should make sure they share updates about their recent trips into the studio, links to replays of the interview and talk about the fact  they're a regular BBC contributor as much as possible.

I also got speaking to a couple of travel bloggers - one that specialises in family adventure travel and another one who focuses on glamping. There are loads of opportunities for them to start pitching their travel writing and reviews to national, travel and family/parenting media. I know one travel blogger who now works as a travel journalist thanks to the media relations and PR activity she did on her blog!

As a blogger, once you start looking at ways to get featured in the media and start realising what other PR tactics you can try to raise your profile - such as awards and events - you'll realise there are loads of opportunities out there!

It's so exciting when you start getting media coverage for your blog and online business - and with a bit of know-how and confidence, you can start getting results in no time!

Find out more about the PR course, or take the free Twitter and PR course here.

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  1. I really enjoyed your session at Blog On, it was full of great tips about finding opportunities. Now I just need to get on with it!! Thanks so much xx

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