Dreamers & Doers podcast with Sara Tasker

Dreamers & Doers episode 2 with Sara Tasker

In this episode of Dreamers & Doers, I interview to Sara Tasker, the writer, photographer and creative coach behind Me & Orla, the Instaretreat Instagram course, and Hashtag Authentic podcast.

Dreamers & Doers, episode 2, with Sara Tasker, writer, photographer and creative coach

This interview with Sara Tasker was recorded live at the Creatives Unhooked event held at the Portico Library in Manchester in April 2018.

You might know Sara from her blog and social media profiles – Me & Orla, as well as her podcasts. She has one podcast Hashtag Authentic, which is a great listen for any creative entrepreneurs out there. Sara has also recently launched a new podcast called Letters From a Hopeful Creative, which she hosts with Jen Carrington.

Dreamers & Doers with Sara Tasker Instagram and social media content business quote

Sara also runs the Instaretreat training course, which gives loads of great tips about developing your own style and identity on Instagram, as well as how to grow an engaged audience and use Instagram to meet your business objectives.

Dreamers & Doers with Sara Tasker inspirational business quote learning and growing

Dreamers & Doers podcast with Sara Tasker

During the Creatives Unhooked event I interviewed Sara and we talked about all sorts, including:

  • Creating content for Instagram and building an engaged audience
  • Social media algorithms versus creativity and authentic engagement
  • Mindset and motivation around money and success
  • Breaking traditional business rules to create your own way of working
  • Influencer marketing and the feminist issues around the blogger backlash

There’s loads of great insights and ideas from Sara in this episode, so I hope you enjoy it. Share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #DreamersandDoers.

Dreamers & Doers with Sara Tasker quote about business, success and money


Creatives Unhooked event with Sara Tasker, Me & Orla, Manchester: https://weareunhooked.com/me-orla-instagram-content-marketing-careers-event/

Hashtag Authentic Podcast: https://meandorla.co.uk/hashtagauthentic/

Letters from a Hopeful Creative podcast: https://www.lettersfromahopefulcreative.com

Me & Orla Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/me_and_orla/

The Northern Creative Collective: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NCreativeCollective/ 

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