Dreamers & Doers with Sea Wolf Digital

Dreamers & Doers episode 3 with Sea Wolf Digital

In this episode of Dreamers & Doers, I interview Elena Manighetti and Ryan Osborne from Sea Wolf Digital – a couple who live and work on a sailing boat.

Dreamers & Doers, episode 3, with Sea Wolf Digital

Elena and Ryan both freelance, working in content marketing and web development, and run their business while sailing around Europe.

Working and living in a boat - can you travel and freelance at the same time?

Living and working on a boat while exploring Europe and still earning an income

Can you be self-employed and live on a boat? Elena runs her freelance business while exploring Europe

In January 2018 I launched the Northern Creative Collective – a support and network group for marketers and creatives in the north of the UK. One of the first people to join was Elena – she introduced herself as a freelance content marketer and how although she’d previously been living in Manchester, she was now exploring Europe on a boat with her partner Ryan, who is a freelance web designer.

Freelancing and travelling around Europe - what are the practicalities and how do you do it?

Can you freelance and run a business from a boat while travelling around the world?

This sparked my interest immediately. Being self-employed, I always wonder whether I could actually work anywhere in the world. But it’s not something I’ve done and I really wanted to speak to them to find out more about exactly what they do and how they balance their freelance working with their sailing adventure.

Dreamers & Doers with Sea Wolf Digital quote - how to freelance while sailing and living on a boat

Dreamers & Doers podcast with Elena and Ryan from Sea Wolf Digital

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How they went from full-time employment on dry land to freelancing on the sea
  • The practicalities of living and working on a boat
  • Where their adventure has taken them so far and where they’re going
  • The realities of being a digital nomad
  • Advice they’d give to other self-employed people and business owners who would like to travel and explore while working and bringing in an income

Travelling and freelancing - advice on how to carry on your self-employed work while exploring the world

If you’ve been thinking about packing your bags and jetting – or sailing – off somewhere while still running your business, this episode is for you. Share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #DreamersandDoers. Make sure you don’t miss any future episodes by subscribing to Dreamers & Doers on iTunes.

Dreamers & Doers with Sea Wolf Digital - what life is like working, freelancing and living on a boat while sailing


Sea Wolf Digital: http://seawolfdigital.co.uk

Sailing Kittiwake: http://sailingkittiwake.com

Sailing Kittiwake YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT9U1fPkHj0mJjC4LWGH26g

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