Dreamers & Doers with Nik Speller - influencer marketing fraud, ethics and creativity

Dreamers & Doers episode 4 with Nik Speller

In this episode of Dreamers & Doers I talk to Nik Speller, head of campaigns at influencer marketing agency Influencer.

Dreamers & Doers episode 4 with influencer marketing expert Nik Speller

I’ve followed Nik on social media for a year or so and he talks and writes a lot about influencer marketing, in particular the issues around social media fraud – so people buying fake followers and using bots to artificially create engagement on their content and posts.

Dreamers & Doers with influencer marketing expert Nik Speller talking about influencer marketing creativity, content creation and brand partnerships

Over the last year, I’ve run a number of events and workshops about influencer marketing. Whether I’m speaking to brands and businesses, PRs and marketers, or bloggers and influencers, the topic of social media fraud and influencer marketing ethics comes up time and time again.

Nik’s worked specifically in influencer marketing for five years and is really opinionated when it comes to some of the issues in the industry, so I wanted to speak to him to get his thoughts and insights into the matter.

Dreamers & Doers with Nik Speller about influencer marketing, content creation and blogger outreach. - PR and marketing quotes

Talking about influencer marketing creativity, fraud and ethics

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why effective influencer marketing campaigns are as much about creativity as they are numbers
  • Issues around social media fraud
  • What PRs, marketers and brands can do to practice due diligence
  • Rules and regulations around influencer marketing
  • Measuring the impact and success of digital marketing campaigns
  • What the future holds for influencer marketing

I’d love to know what you think – share your views on social media using the hashtag #DreamersAndDoers.

Dreamers & Doers with Nik Speller PR and marketing quote about social media fraud and buying fake followers


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