Add more value to your social media training by offering new services to digital marketing clients and increasing your freelancer fee and day rate

Freelance and self-employed social media training to increase your day rates

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Are you a self-employed social media manager, trainer or freelancer? If you want to offer additional services and earn more money, download our free social media freelancer guide which covers:

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Social media training: How much can you expect to earn as a social media freelancer or self-employed social media manager?

If you've completed a social media course and started working with clients, you're no doubt wondering how much you should be charging. If you're not sure if your day rate is high enough, we've carried out some research to find out what the industry average fees are for self-employed workers offering social media as a service.

While there are no strict guidelines to what social media freelancers should charge, we found statistics that suggest self-employed social media managers and professionals could get paid anything between £70 a day to over £750.

That's quite a difference!  

Although there is a correlation between the number of years working in social media and day rates, there are other factors to consider too.

These include the types of communications and digital marketing services you offer, and the additional value you can provide whether you work from home, work part-time or have a job working remotely.

Freelancer social media training: How to earn more money and what average day rate to charge as a social media freelancer

How can you earn more money as a work-from-home freelancer?

If your job is work from home, part-time or remote as a social media freelancer and you. want to know how to increase your day rate, one option is to upskill yourself and train so you can offer additional services and more value​.

There are lots of training courses for social media self-employed workers available, but one area of training you may wish to consider is learning how to do PR and media relations for your clients.

This is because compared to social media freelancers, jobs including communications and public relations can be charged at a higher fee. 

Our Social Media Freelancer Guide compares the different average day rates of freelancers in similar industries with complementary skills so you can see how you could earn more as a freelancer working-from home or with flexible part-time jobs.

Find out what PR is here.

Extra training for social media self-employed freelancers such as PR and communications can help them earn more money through offering services such as media relations and PR

Is extra social media training to teach me new digital marketing skills the right option for me?

Some freelancers will be happy specialising in social media services and focusing on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. But a lot of the capabilities you need to be a confident social media manager are similar to those used by communications and PR freelancers.

If you're self-employed working in social media or digital marketing jobs, chances are you're creative, technically able, a good writer and communicator, organised, have great research skills, know what makes a decent story, and how to get people's attention.

A lot of the skills and knowledge you learn from social media training courses and through running social media accounts for clients are transferrable to communications and PR.

With some additional guidance on top of your social media training and experience, you can learn to do things like create a basic PR strategy, write press releases, pitch stories to journalists, research other media opportunities, compile award entries and promote events.

If you're working from home, want a freelance, or part-time job, you can start earning more by adding more profitable services to your core social media skills.

Find Out How to Add Value to Your Social Media Training

Our full Social Media Freelancer Guide goes into more detail about how you could increase your fees by offering additional services such as communications and PR. Download the full report and you'll also get an exclusive social media freelance discount code.

Add more value to your social media training by offering new services to digital marketing clients and increasing your freelancer fee and day rate

Want to know more about our training for social media managers and freelancers to help expand their services and increase day rates?

You can find out more about the online PR course PR Unlocked here, and you can also hear what businesses and freelancers think about our PR workshops and training here.

If you like the idea of learning more about PR,  but aren't ready to make the small investment yet, we also have free resources too. These include:

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