Media Monday - how the Budget can get you in the media as part of your PR activity

The Budget – PR and media opportunities

Welcome to Media Monday. Today I’m explaining why the Budget could get your business in national newspapers, radio or TV.

Why the Budget could get your business in national newspapers, radio or TV

The Budget is the government’s announcement where the Chancellor of the Exchequer explains how it’s going to spend the nation’s money.

There are usually announcements relating to how much money schools, the NHS, social care and other public services are going to get (or not get…), and there are often updates relating to taxes, benefits or incentives that could impact us on a personal or business level.

For example, there may be changes to the state pension, national insurance, or council tax. 

There could be announcements affecting first time buyers who are hoping to get on the property ladder, or changes to business rates that could impact how much tax businesses pay on their premises.

How to get in the media commenting about the Budget

In the weeks leading up to the Budget, national newspapers, radio and TV tend to cover lots of predictions speculating what we might hear in the Budget.

On Budget day itself, there are endless live reports explaining what has been announced and how that is going to impact different people and businesses. 

And then in the immediate days after the Budget, there are further reports and analysis about what has been announced.

And each of these three key moments – before, during and after the Budget – provide a brilliant opportunity for individuals to share their opinions and experiences in the media. 

Whether you’re affected by any of the changes on a personal level, or if it impacts your business, if you’re able to give an opinion or first-person insight into how the announcements affect you then this can be a great way to get on the radio, TV, newspapers or online.

Tips on pitching to the media in relation to the Budget

There are a few ways you can approach this – you can monitor the hashtag journorequest on Twitter to see live requests from journalists  looking for case studies or comments, you can share your own content on Twitter and use the relevant hashtag relating to that year’s Budget in the hope that a journalist might see it can contact you for a quote, you can subscribe to journalist request services like ResponseSource, or you can proactively pitch yourself to relevant journalists and media outlets.


Learn how to use Twitter to secure media coverage in high quality national, regional, consumer and trade media outlets. From knowing how to respond to the hashtag journorequest, to building relationships with journalists, this free course gives you lots of tips and real life examples of how to maximise your chances of getting featured in newspapers, radio and TV.

Get your Budget PR pitch right

When you're contacting journalists to comment about the Budget, here are some things to include in your pitch:


Why you're the right person to comment

Explain why you're suitable to comment on one of the Budget announcements - how does it impact you directly? 


Have an opinion

You don't need to be controversial, but it can really help if you've got an opinion about the relevant announcement. Are you for or against it, and why?


Be quick!

Journalists work to tight deadlines - especially when they're covering something like the Budget. So make sure you're ready to speak to them over the phone or send over written comments asap.

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